Montgomery County Executive-Elect Marc Elrich Announces Transition Team Members

For Immediate Release: November 13, 2018

Media Contact: Scott Peterson, 202-277-9412,

Rockville, MD – Today, Montgomery County Executive-Elect Marc Elrich announced the members of his Transition Team. Marc’s transition team will focus on developing the “first drafts” of strategic plans to guide the administration in focusing on seven Priority Outcomes reflecting the goals that he championed during his campaign. Marc believes the best policies are both data-driven and compassionate, and that county government must be transparent and accountable to residents. Andrew Kleine was named as Transition Team Chair.

“I am very thankful and appreciative to the individuals who agreed to serve on my transition team,” said Marc Elrich.. “I am proud that we attracted a diverse group of Montgomery County residents and stakeholders who are willing to share their talents and experiences to help my administration govern. I encourage all residents to attend our upcoming listening sessions and visit our transition website at to meet Transition Team members, follow the updates of Transition Team, and share their thoughts with us.”

The Transition Team met for the first time today at the East County Community Center in Silver Spring. The Transition Team was divided into the Priority Outcomes groups below to make life in Montgomery County better in measurable ways. Marc will work closely with the County Council, the community, and other partners to fill in the details of these plans, execute them, and report to residents regularly on how things are going.

  • Thriving Youth and Families
  • A Growing Economy
  • A Greener County
  • Easier Commutes
  • A More Affordable and Welcoming County
  • Safe Neighborhoods
  • Effective, Sustainable Government

Additionally, Marc previously announced five listening sessions in Potomac (11/15), Germantown (11/17), Silver Spring (11/27), Olney (11/29), and Takoma Park (12/1). For more information about these listening sessions, please click here.


Bruce Adams
Saman Qadeer Ahmad
Tufail Ahmad
Saqib Ali
Girma Allaro
Gina Angiola
Joanne Antoinne
Jud Ashman
Bruce Baker
Marilyn Balcombe
Fatmata Barrie
Mayra Bayonet
Mark Bergel
Roger Berliner
Marielsa Bernard
Eric Bernard
Kevin Beverly
Shruti Bhatnagar
Marla Bilonick
Elaine Binder
Lee Blinder
Alan Bowser
Gordon Brenne
John Brill
Brandy Brooks
Heather Bruskin
Diane Cameron
Luis Cardona
Lee Chong
Kathleen Connor
Bill Conway
Diana Conway
Hoan Dang
Kristy Daphnis
Jackie DeCarlo
Victor del Pino
Frank Demarais
Jim Driscoll
Fred Ducca
Susan Eisendrath
Peter Ettinger
Natali Fani-Gonzales
Leila Finucane
Warren Fleming
Terry Forde
Ron Franks
Bill Frick
Sharon Friedman
Kit Gage
Ronnie Galvin
Oscar Giron
Barbara Goldberg Goldman
Rob Goldman
Mike Goldman
Brady Goldsmith
Maria Gomez
Pat Grant
Mike Gravitz
Lauren Greenberger
Amilcar Guzman
Julian Haffner
Ron Halber
Neil Harris
Rich Harris
Tony Hausner
Austin Heyman
Toni Holness
Wendy Howard
Brigid Howe
Song Hutchins
Claire Iseli
Kim Jones
Shyam Kannan
April Kaplan
Evelyn Kelly
Shafiq Khan
Hamza Khan
Andrew Kleine
Joan Kleinman
Alison Klumpp
Gerrit Knaap
Peter Kovar
Deborah Lambert
Carmen Larsen
Omar Lazo
Phil Lee
Greg LeRoy
Cara Lesser
George Leventhal
Diane Lill
Michael Lin
Trevor Lobaugh
Erika Lopez-Finn
Lindsey Lucas
Pam Luckett
Adam Luecking
Lesley MacDonald
Nagender Madavaram
Caren Madsen
Juan Maldonado
Veronique Marier
Edamarie Mattei
Ann Mazur
Alicia Jones McLeod
Bruce Meier
Danielle Meitiv
Lori Melman
Kathy Michels
Abbe Milstein
Marice Morales
Zorayda Moreira-Smith
Peter Myo Khin
Rajan Natarajan
Sayed Naved
Bridget Newton
Joy Nurmi
Aryani Ong
Jill Ortman-Fouse
BB Otero
Chung Pak
Jayne Park
Daniel Parra
Perry Paylor
Myrna Peralta
Linda Plummer
DeRionne Pollard
Elisha Pulivarti
Harriet Quinn
Sanjay Rai
Gino Renne
Vernon Ricks
Grace Rivera
Brian Roberts
Brian Roberts
Shane Rock
Carmen Rojas
Jeff Rosenberg
Ben Ross
Fran Rothstein
Crystal Brockington Sallee
Pofen Salem
Martha Sanchez
Peggy Sand
Mehmet Saracoglu
Neel Saxena
Laurie Anne Sayles
Sunny Schnitzer
Abe Schuchman
Michael Sesma
Devang Shah
Ash Shetty
Chuck Short
Susie Sinclair Smith
Jeffrey Slavin
Maritza Solano
Debbie Spielberg
Sam Statland
Kate Stewart
Laura Stewart
Mike Subin
Rick Sullivan
Tricia Swanson
Ananya Tadikonda
Ivo Tasong
Caroline Taylor
C. Marie Taylor
Herman Taylor
Dale Tibbits
Gustavo Torres
Crystal Townsend
Diego Uriburu
Juan Pablo Vacatello
Diane Vu
Tiffany Ward
Timothy Warner
Mitch Warren
Francine Waters
Jeff Weisner
Vic Weissberg
Meredith Wellington
Elijah Wheeler
Chris Wilhelm
Arthur Williams
Greg Wims
Sarah Wolek
Beth Wong
Ron Wright
Maya Zegarra


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