My vision is for a more equitable and inclusive Montgomery County. My transition will gather ideas from people across our county about how we can work together to build a bright and prosperous future for everyone.

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My Plan for Montgomery County

  • Focus on early childhood development which will help all our children start out on a level playing field and stay there.
  • Use incubators and business centers to give local entrepreneurs a chance to turn their ideas into successful products which will attract businesses to fill the 10 million square feet of empty commercial space in the county.
  • Work with county employees to restructure county government to operate more effectively within our budget, and provide the best value for every dollar we invest.
  • Include communities. Development is not about the buildings that are built but about the communities we build. That means that development must provide the transportation, schools, recreation facilities and other infrastructure so people will want to live and work here.
  • Recognize the urgency of global warming and take concrete steps, including clean energy, energy efficiency and use reduction and increased transit.
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